Official Guestbook
Scannable guestbooks for places and events

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Official Guestbook has been approved for release on the App Store and on Google Play.

Available in selected regions.

Features & Benefits

Discover new places, get answers from verified visitors, follow in others' footsteps and build your own history

Make Private Guestbooks!

Create your own guestbooks for weddings, parties, events or home all for free! Then display for guests to scan.

Scan to unlock

Use the built in scanner to unlock guestbooks, view the entries within them and see what gets added in future.

Build a history

Add your entries to public and private guestbooks, even when offline, to look back on at any time.

Privacy Solved

Only those that have unlocked the same book too can see each others' entries - no need for sharing lists or tagging.

Consider yourself invited

Available in the selected regions.